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Safety Policy;

Thunderbolt Technical Services safety policy demands all members of the site works team to have a general responsibility for safety on site and a duty to take responsible care for their own health and safety, for that of their fellow members of staff and for those operatives and anyone else who may be affected by their decisions, acts and omissions when on duty. They have a duty to co-operate with other persons in similar discharge of those responsibilities.

The team leader/site agent on our assignments also doubles as a safety officer, and has specific responsibility for ensuring compliance with rules and regulations governing health and safety at work, the safe and proper conduct of operations, for promoting awareness of welfare, health and safety on site in respect of all aspects of the works.

Health and safety is a responsibility of all staff, and the Company ensures implementation of the policy through enforcing the following measures among all staff: -

  Be familiar with and observe all rules and regulations applicable to the works

  Ensure that work operations are only carried out by competent and responsible personnel, suitably trained, in particular where mechanical plant and appliances are involved

  Take full account, when planning work, of factors which will help to eliminate injury, damage, disruption and waste. Establish, implement and maintain working methods so as to ensure reasonable and appropriate standards of safety at all times

  Control all personnel, sub contractors and suppliers so as to ensure safe and healthy systems of work

  Instruct all subordinates in clear, precise term s as to working methods and, by supervision, ensure their compliance

  Reprimand or discipline persons who are persistently careless, or fail to show due regard for the rules and regulations laid down, or for their own or others’ safety on site. Encourage those persons who consistently show awareness and attention to safety matters

  Provide adequate and suitable protective clothing and equipment, appropriate to the nature of work being undertaken, and ensure that it is used. Encourage, by personal example and instruction to subordinates, the use of protective clothing and equipment provided on site, in all circumstances appropriate to the reduction of risk to health and safety

  Maintain high standards in compliance with legislation concerning the health and safety of persons working on or about the site and any persons who might be affected by the Works. Pay proper attention to environmental conditions and the avoidance of pollution, including noise

  Provide adequate, clearly identifiable, uncluttered and safe means of access to and from places of work and maintain them at all times

  Maintain high standards of cleanliness, hygiene and housekeeping at all times

  Provide adequate and appropriate means of responding to emergencies

  Record, report and investigate accidents and implement adequate and appropriate preventive measures immediately

  Train workers on safe working practices and first aid

  Avail first aid facilities on site

  Appoint a Company doctor with a clinic having sufficient facilities including an Ambulance


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